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Español - Coming in Fall

Español - Coming in Fall

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Scholarship, Leadership, and Service
Giving Matters

The Oliver Scholars Program identifies and engages extraordinary New York City students of African and Latino descent and prepares them for success at leading independent high schools and prestigious colleges.

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Nationwide Search for New Executive Director!

The Oliver Scholars Program launches nationwide search for new Executive Director!


Investing in College Success, Not Just Access

Consider this:  Barely half of the students who enroll in a 4 year college this fall will graduate.  Not graduate on time, or graduate in five or six years, but graduate at all.  The news is even worse on the community college front, with only a third of students who enroll eventually receiving their degree.  According to a recent


On Service: Louisa Troubh, Vice Chair, Board of Trustees

     The Golden Rule—“Do unto others, as you would have them do unto you”—dates back to Confucius, and every major religion embraces the concept in some form. But too few people truly understand the idea that service to others can be its own reward. Louisa Troubh, our longest tenured Trustee, is one of those unique people who do understand.  

     Louisa has been involved in the Oliver Scholars Program since 1996, and she became a Trustee not long thereafter. This connection may have been kismet, destiny, or just plain good luck for Oliver. You see, one morning Louisa and her husband John read an article about the then, Albert G. Oliver Program. They liked what the organization was doing for young people striving for a better education, and decided to send in a gift. That is how our journey together began.


The Counselor's Corner: Ibrahim Shah

Each year the Oliver Scholars Program’s Summer Immersion Program is where the rubber meets the road for our participants. It is an intense period of teaching and learning with everyone working together with a common vision of success. We have asked some of our counselors to share their thoughts and this is our first entry...

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The Oliver Scholars Program


The true value of the Oliver Scholars Program is best demonstrated through the words and deeds of our Scholars and alumni. In this space we will share their stories. For example, Chanel Duncan wrote Oliver Echoes for us last summer. If you are a Scholar and wish to tell us your story, please send an e-mail to